Mission Statement

The Shamba Foundation Strives to Promote Sponsorships to Feed, Clothe, House, and Educate Children of Kenya; Providing Opportunities for Self-Reliance, Optimism, and a Hopeful Future.

Plant a seed...

Grow a Future

The word “Shamba” is a Swahili word meaning “garden” — Just as a seed contains great potential to become a mature and productive plant, so do our children have within them what it will take to grow into a responsible contributing adult. What a young seed, and a child, need is nourishment, care, and light (or hope) to reach their potential.

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Our Three Pillars

The Primary Objectives

Nourish - Body

Provide the basic necessities of life for each child--food, shelter, clothing.

Educate - MindElevate each child's understanding of their potential through education.
Empower - HeartEmpower each child with the confidence and skills needed to be independent and successful.

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