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Community Supporters

There are many things you and your family / church group / scout troop can do to raise funds for the Shamba Foundation.

  • Sell home-made crafts or baked goods.
  • Design a shirt and sell to friends, family, and community.
  • Organize a benefit concert or talent show.
  • Compile a neighborhood cookbook to sell.
  • Organize Christmas tree removals after the holidays.
  • Organize a Stomp for mom’s and dad’s with free babysitting and kids as the “chaperones.”
  • Pancake Breakfast: invite families on a weekend or before work.
  • Organize a 5K that ends at the local school.
  • Minute to win it party: set up a party and sell tickets for each game.

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Great Examples of Giving

I Wish for a Friend 

It all started with a wish. Years ago, Jana Porterfield set a goal to someday write a children’s book. Many years later as she was nearing retirement, Jana felt like she needed to “make a difference.”  Inspiration came as she was watching a special, called Kids in Kenya!  Jana was inspired by what she saw and turned to her husband and said, “This is it!” Things fell into place when Jana contacted the Shamba Foundation and they brought the Shamba school program to the 4th graders Jana was teaching at the time.  The students were lucky enough to write books as a grade and several board members kindly delivered the stories to those sweet kids in Kenya.  From there, her goal began to develop into reality. Inspired by those sweet stories and faces, Jana wrote “I Wish for A Friend” and decided she would dedicate it and all proceeds from it to the Shamba Foundation and those kids in Kenya!  

We have appreciated Jana's continuous support for many years, and are deeply grateful for her generous and heartfelt donation of this book. You can purchase a copy of "I Wish for a Friend" for yourself or as a gift on Amazon.
Thank you, Jana, for this beautiful gift that will keep on giving!


Summer Preschool - Anna

This little 8 year old girl didn’t want to charge her friends to learn in her preschool but when her mom told her about The Shamba Foundation she decided she could do something. Anna dedicated 4 weeks of her summer to raising money for the Shamba Foundation by teaching her own pre-school this summer.

We met this little girl and her family as she enthusiastically gave us an $800 check from her own earnings. She’s mature beyond her years. She connected to our hearts and we’re going to make sure this $800 goes to something special. Thank you Anna and family (eh-hem, big brother Asher) for your sharing hearts and being the good this world needs.


Bracelets for Safari Chase - Legacy House

In January 2019, we received a request to visit Legacy House Assisted Living in South Jordan and give a presentation of the Shamba Foundation and our mission. We gladly agreed and had an enjoyable evening visiting with the residents there. They received us warmly and expressed a desire to help the kids in some way. With the help of supportive staff and their care-givers, they have made bracelets that will be sold at this year's Safari Chase fundraising event. We appreciate their generous actions and sincere desire to make a difference in the life of a child. Thank you!

A Change of Plans Blesses Lives - Kasey and Katie Pearce

Kasey and Katie Pearce, founders of An Educated Refugee, had plans to visit Mali in April. Because of the unrest in Mali, they canceled their trip. Not wanting their tickets to go to waste, they reached out to us to see if they could reroute their flights to Kenya and do something for us. They spent time with Antony sorting and preparing for distribution the many crates of supplies that we had shipped there last year. They visited Mildred's orphanage and got to know the children there. They spent a couple of days with Solomon, visiting his school, Lovely One's Education Center, and spending time with the kids. They were there just in time to witness the installation of our water tank project and see the progression of the new classrooms being constructed. They visited two schools in the slums and brought them supplies as well. They saw many things that were devastating and many that were heartwarming and inspiring. Katie had taken some bracelets to give to the girls which they joyfully received. She made many new friends, and created a special bond, with a special young girl named Mary. We are so very grateful to them for their selfless service and their decision to bless the lives of so many even when it wasn't what they had originally set out to do.

Humanitarian Group Visits Orphanage

We are so thankful to the members of a local humanitarian group that reached out to us offering to provide service while they were visiting Kenya. We were able to send them to our friend, Mildred. She houses 20 “true orphans” and they were beyond excited to have the group come. Another supporter offered to make blankets so each of them could have their own. Thank you to all those that provided supplies on short notice for these children.

Here is the message we received from Mildred:
“We were very happy and humbled by the servicemen's visit. Thank you very much for the supplies. They will help us a lot. May Heavenly father bless you all abundantly. We do not take the kind gesture for granted. You will forever be in our hearts. We really had fun with the service men. We danced, played games, they taught us some new games too and shared a meal. We wished to spend more time with them. That was one of the best moments of our lives.”


Eagle Scout Project - David

David B., from Logan, Utah, created a mock classroom to replicate one in a school in the Soweto Slums of Nairobi. Using only a few pictures provided to give him an idea, he drew up the plans, designed how it could be transportable, and built it with the help of his friends. He compiled corrugated metal and new lumber and weathered them to give a patina of years of wear. Posters were also aged to look more similar to the ones in our childrens' school and give a feel of their circumstances in Kenya.

This mock classroom will be a great teaching point for us to use as children from the surrounding school districts are invited to our annual event, The Shamba Safari Chase, by our Junior Ambassadors. Students will be able to see how fortunate they are to have the educational opportunities they enjoy and the facilities that they may have taken for granted in their own schools. We will use this classroom for many years to come! It is our hope that hearts will be touched and people will recognize the value of their donations to our school.

David, we are grateful for your many hours of service and hard work.

Eagle Scout Project - Wyatt

Wyatt P., from Layton, Utah, organized a crew of over 50 young men and women. They completed over 40 hours of service to help out with The Shamba Safari Chase of 2018--our inaugural event! 

He and his peers canvased the Back-to-School Nights of several local schools, plus neighborhoods near the event location to hand out over 1000 fliers! He attended the Junior Ambassador meetings and organized 30+ volunteers to run all of the carnival events on September 7, 2018. In addition, he recruited and gathered donated food items, and organized volunteers to run the Mandazi booth (Kenyan scones) at the event.

Wyatt is an excellent leader and has a huge heart to help our kids in Kenya. He is still invested in their lives by continuing as a Junior Ambassador member for the 2018-19 school year. Thanks for your service Wyatt!! We appreciate your example.

Brynna with Kenyan KidsBrynnaImageImage

Cupcakes for Kids in Kenya - Brynna

When Brynna was in first grade, she traveled to Kenya with her parents to go on safari.  She loved seeing the animals--especially her favorite, the cheetahs!-- but the best part to Brynna was when they drove into the Soweto Slums of Nairobi and went to an orphange there.  Brynna met lots of friends that day and had a great time with them.  They sang songs together, danced to African folk songs, played soccer, and had fun getting to know each other.  She bought them some new soccer balls with her own money and they had fun playing together!

Brynna saw their school rooms, the desks they sat in and the books they used.  It concerned her that their school was so different than hers and didn’t even have crayons.  When she got home to Utah, she decided to sell jewelry her parents had bought in Kenya.  She made $2000 and was able to donate that to her friends in Nairobi.

The next year, she and her mom made cupcakes every month to sell to her neighbors and friends.  Her “Cupcakes for Kids in Kenya” campaign was a success and she has a great following of cupcake lovers!  Even better than that was her opportunity to teach others about the kids she loves in the Soweto Slums.  

After 6 months of cupcake sales, she was able to present The Shamba Foundation a check for $1150.00.  Brynna challenges you to find a way to help, too!  Every little bit helps.  She recently said, “It’s cool that a kid like me can do something to make a difference for other kids clear around on the other side of the world.  Kids can do big things can’t they?”  They sure can Brynna!!  Thank you for your example!

Brynna's Jewelry Shop
Brynna decorating cookies
cookies and cupcakes
Cupcakes for Kids in Kenya