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 In 2018 and 2019, we were thrilled to host our "Shamba Safari Chase" 5K and Carnival to help our communities, both local and far away, come to know our kids and walk in their shoes! Check out the video below from our 2018 event.

Junior Ambassadors

Introducing our Junior Ambassador program in the Davis and Weber County School Districts in Northern Utah. The plan is for kids to go into the classrooms of other kids to teach about kids in a unique and disheartening circumstance compared to their own. (Don't you love that? It's all about kids!!) It has been a GIANT undertaking as we started from scratch. It didn't take long for kids to want to join in to help make a difference. We recruited Junior High and High School students to volunteer their time to go into neighboring elementary schools to educate them about poverty in third world countries--specifically in the Soweto Slums of Nairobi, Kenya. We are busily creating lesson plans, power point presentations & movie delivery methods, and fun worksheets for elementary kids to get involved in helping their friends in Kenya. We've spent several months in preparation and will roll out our teaching time in January of 2019. We have big goals and know we can meet them! We couldn't be more proud of the teens that have risen like cream to the top, to help inform others through education, and empower children with knowledge. We believe, like Maya Angelou, "When you know better. . .you do better."


Shoes that Grow

We kicked off this campaign with an opportunity for others to help us purchase a new pair of shoes for every child at United in the Hope of Africa Centre. It was a pretty ambitious goal, but we had confidence people would help us if they heard the kids' story. We put out our request on social media for people to buy shoes for $15 a pair. It caught on like wildfire and our goal was reached and exceeded in no time at all. What a joy to give every single child their own pair of new shoes. Most of our kids don't own a single thing they can call their own. Many of our kids came barefoot to school, and for sure, they didn't have a brand new, never-been-worn pair of shoes that will grow with them for FIVE years!! Thank you so much for supporting this campaign to literally get walking in some shoes! Our kids were delighted with their new footwear for sure!!


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