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Mizizi Gardens is in an area outside of the slum. The property is set in a diverse and developing area where job opportunities are available, good public schools are near, and part of a strong and welcoming community. In Swahili, mizizi means roots. We chose this name to symbolize the strong foundation, or root system, we hope to help families develop as they participate in our program.

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As we’ve observed different models of support and sustainability for children living in extreme poverty, we recognize that the FAMILY MODEL is what creates the hope and impact for long-term success.

Mizizi Gardens is a transitional living development. It will provide a clean, safe, and supportive environment where parents who have been living in the slums can develop the skills they need to nourish, educate, and empower themselves and their children.

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Fund a Scholarship or Grant

We invite you to fund a scholarship or business grant for the residents of Mizizi Gardens. The scholarship pays the school fees for one primary or high student for one year. The business grant provides funds for an adult resident's vocational training or business capital. We will send you a plaque (if desired) in recognition of your donation. This can be for yourself, your business, or a gift for someone else. This is a great opportunity and 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to their education or business capital/training.