Aimee Broadbent

Aimee is a wife of a committed and hardworking husband and dedicated mother to five beautiful children. She is active in her community, her children’s schools and activities, as well as supports her husband in all of his church and civic duties. Aimee has pursued many avenues of learning and has taken the opportunity to develop many of her own personal skills and talents. Her desire is to be a contributing person to society and the world around her and to help others to do the same. After spending time in Kenya, meeting Steven Kaylo and his children, and understanding his desire to help the street children and orphans, she has developed a passion and love in the cause of lifting the potential and purpose in the lives of children in Kenya, particularly those under the care of Steven and his orphanage, “Hope of Africa Children’s Home”. Her hope is to ignite a burning desire in others to do the same.


Heather Richardson

In the neighborhood of her youth, Heather was often called the “Pied Piper of C Street” as she seemed always to have a following of children around her. Through her life, little has changed. Her love for children is boundless. Living in Kenya as a missionary for 18 months, she met Steven Kyalo, saw the incredible work he was doing with his orphanage, and knew she had to partner with him in his struggling humanitarian effort. She and her husband, Glen, are the proud parents of three sons and eleven grandchildren. Heather is a retired dental office manager, and has served as president of women’s, youth, and children’s organizations.


Glen Richardson

Glen is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he majored in industrial management. He is a retired financial consultant and presently lives with his wife, Heather, in Colorado and Texas. As a young man, he served as a missionary in South Africa and was thrilled to be able to serve again, this time in Kenya. He is a former athlete and marathon runner. Glen loves children and is devoted to their care. He has held many positions of service within his church and community, but none with more enthusiasm than this opportunity to help Steven and his kids.


Dick Tuttle

Not everyone gets the opportunity to have two careers during their employment years. Dick retired as general foreman from a major electrical contractor in Salt Lake City. At 40, he began another career as a Firefighter/ Paramedic, working for the Salt Lake City Fire Department, loving every day for another twenty years. Served on the FEMA Utah Task Force 1 Search and Rescue Team (deployed to 9/11 World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina). Following retirement, he and his wife served as Country Director for Kenya and Tanzania, Africa for two years representing our church’s humanitarian initiative. There he learned to love the “poorest of the poor” and understands how you can make a difference in the lives of the children. While serving in Kenya, they met Steven Kyalo and the kids and have been involved with the orphanage since 2011.

Janet Tuttle

Serving in Kenya, as a humanitarian missionary for two years, has made a profound impact on Janet’s life. At 68 years old, educated and experiencing most of life’s challenges i.e., becoming a wife, a Mom, rearing four sons to adulthood, 10 grandchildren, family, church and a career… one would think they are prepared for the challenges that poverty and living in the slum can do to a child. Once you experience a life full of blessings/ gratitude and you have the time, desire and means – it is a privilege to continue to serve those less fortunate. That is why Janet and her husband are continuing to support the orphanage and do all they can to “Plant a Seed and Grow a Future” for those children. (Educated at Brigham Young University, retired from Intermountain Healthcare).


Charlotte Sellers

Charlotte Sellers’s greatest accomplishment is being the mother of five children. She is also the President of Surefire Vacations, Inc., a timeshare resale company that she started, in part, to fund her charitable ventures which are her real passion. She has found that the more that she gives, the better her business does. She has been looking for years for a charity to support that is really making a difference in the lives of street children. She met Steven Kyalo when he was in Salt Lake City and knew that she had found the children’s home that she had been looking for. She was impressed that he was working as hard as he could on his own but could do so much more with some help. It is also important to her that a native Kenyan is running the children’s home – not a foreigner. It has been so rewarding for her to see the changes that donations have made so far. If you’d like to contact Charlotte directly then e-mail her at


Steven Kyalo

Head of Africa Operations, Hope of Africa Children’s Home

Steven’s parents separated when he was 5 years old. He was raised by his grandmother in his uncle’s home, along with 12 other children. He experienced hunger, neglect, and hopelessness. Being a naturally motivated and intelligent child he survived on the encouragement of his primary school teachers. In High School he had found work and was able to pay for his schooling. He’s a grateful man!!

After serving a mission for his church in his early twenties, he returned home to his family. Steven’s brother’s wife passed away leaving two kids: one, two weeks, and another, 3 years old. His brother was not a motivated man and Steven knew very well that these kids would either drop-out of school or would never make it so he decided to care for them and raise them as his own. He later married his wonderful wife and together they have two children.

Steven and his wife have opened an orphanage in the Soweto Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. They have served over 100 children with extreme basics for 12 years never asking for help. They try their best to give love, education, and a hopeful future to each child. Steven has done all he can by selling his carvings as an artist, and whatever help the community will do to help. It has been a difficult road, but he believes in “their family.”


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