The Shamba Foundation is a “funding” organization to help and support a specific group of children located in the Soweto (sew-wet-o) Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Our Board of Directors and several team members have lived in and visited Kenya multiple times. We have a close connection to Steven Kyalo and the children he has come to call his own. He works extremely hard to provide for “his” children with very limited resources. It is our intent and hope to lend contributions in the support of his efforts.

We focus on simple factors of
communication, sustainability, self-reliance, cooperation,
and progress:


Transparency is key in maintaining a working program through The Shamba Foundation, African operations, government, and donors.


It is through the donations of others that we may provide sustainability and the assurance to our donors that their contribution will be valid and 100% accountable.


Many who have grown up and lived in a culture, particularly in a “slum” environment learn that the best way of survival is to beg. This is something we deeply want to change as the children grow into adulthood. We want to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents and skills so they can become self-reliant, contributing adults.


We value the importance of cooperating with local businesses to help improve the local African economy as well as convenient access of materials and goods. It is extremely difficult and costly to send materials and items to Africa. As a funding organization, The Shamba Foundation strives to seek quality goods on the local level and assure the integrity of its funding.


Progress and potential of each individual child is the goal. The byproduct of providing a cooperative, sustainable and communicating system is a supportive foundation, improved living conditions, and an optimistic result of children that contribute to society and the world around them beyond their current circumstance.

Sponsoring the Children

The SHAMBA Foundation offers the community the opportunity to sponsor or donate to the children of a specific orphanage and school. We work directly with Steven Kyalo (Head of Africa Operations: Hope of Africa Children’s Home). Prior to the organization of the foundation, Steven housed and supported approximately 80+ children in his orphanage on whatever income he could manage through his personal occupation as a wood-carver. They have recently been able to upgrade their living conditions to a location with cement floors rather than dirt due to the donations of others. In a single pan, they cook over an open flame. The orphanage has no running water. They are located in the Soweto Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The short-term goal of United in the Hope of Africa and The SHAMBA Foundation, as a funding organization, is to sustain life on basic necessities and a formal education. Education is the most promising opportunity for the children to achieve their dreams in the future. The long-term goal is to raise the funds that will provide a location outside the slums into an environment that will provide the opportunity for employment, self-reliance, and a hopeful future.


The Soweto (sew-wet-o) Slum

The Soweto slum is an area in Nairobi, Kenya near the International Airport. It’s not nearly as big as the world-famous, 2nd largest slum in the world, called Kibera (Key-bear-a), which is also located in Nairobi. This slum is one of the many forgotten slums. It is about 3 kilometers in length and 1 kilometer in width. This small area has over an estimated 200,000 people living in it. This place is made up mostly of single women, widows, and children. Prostitution and alcoholism are very high here as well.