The Shamba Foundation Strives to Promote Sponsorships to Feed, Clothe, House, and Educate Children of Kenya; Providing Opportunities for Self-Reliance, Optimism, and a Hopeful Future.


The word “Shamba” is a Swahili word meaning “garden” — There are many parallels that come from the concept of a garden; first it needs nourishment and constant care and with that comes great potential. It doesn’t require more than a little seed, water, and warmth to provide this potential. Planting and harvesting is one of the ways many in Kenya are able to sustain life day to day providing food, survival, and even wealth, & prosperity. It is their livelihood and about the only thing that brings reward. Our “shamba” of children rely on our constant care to provide for their survival and prosperity. They appreciate all the help we can encourage. Plant a Seed….Grow a Future!

Newsletter, Ed. 5

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Alex L.

We don’t know where Alex’s parents are.  He lives with his neighbor and they have been pleading with Steven to allow Alex into the orphanage.  He likes soccer.  He just forgets everything in class.  When you teach him, if you ask him a question a few minutes later he has no idea what you’re talking about. …

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John O.

John was not going to school.  He was using a magnet to collect metals to sell when Steven found him.  He struggles with English but is good with Mathematics.  Due to lack of a balanced diet in his life, he has recurring skin problems that are being treated. He likes soccer.

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